Center of Intelligent and Learning Systems
Prof. Dong SHEN's Group
College of Information Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

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Note for the forthcoming students

Most Important
Be upright, Be honest, Be passionate, Be respected

Solid mathematics knowledge in Calculus and Linear Algebra, Probability Theory is even better
Solid background on Linear Systems or Principle of Automatic Control
Sufficient level of English reading and writing

MATLAB for making numerical simulations
Latex for typing an elegant paper
PPT for delivering a wonderful presentation

Enjoy making different
Expect to do a good research
Not afraid of any difficulties
Willing to exchange ideas
Keep up with my pace

If you have read the information all above and are interested, please feel free to contact.
I am looking forward.
Email: shendong [at] mail.buct.edu.cn.

Banner Note
Valuable Notes

1. Want to know what iterative learning control (my favorable topic) is? I would recommend the following tutorial paper.

A Survey of Iterative Learning Control by Douglas A. Bristow, Marina Tharayil, Andrew G. Alleyne

My current focus is the stochastic iterative learning control, which means ILC for stochastic systems or with random signals. I have published three surveys on this topic. You can refer the following papers for more details.

Survey on stochastic iterative learning control
Dong Shen, Youqing Wang
Journal of Process Control, vol. 24, pp. 64-77, 2014

Iterative learning control with incomplete information: A survey
Dong Shen
IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica,
vol. 5, no. 5, pp. 885-901, 2018

A technical overview of recent progresses on stochastic iterative learning control
Dong Shen
Unmanned Systems,
vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 147-164, 2018

For further information, if you are interested, please go to the ILC DataBase.